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Charter Volunteers Needed
After years of cities being bound by a
charter created to keep citizens from the
process, a new draft charter is being
designed to provide accountability and
return responsibility back to the elected.
League of Oregon Citizens
Citizen Based Media and Accountability

This mission is to have a collaborative resource for citizen
advocates, whether by need or desire, to get information from and
to each other to promote sunlight into local government business.

Want an easy way to be part of
the change?

We are looking for folks who are willing
to send documents for uploading.
The Citizen's Agenda

Cities and Counties call us the naysayers.
What are citizens really interested in
getting from the process?
Phoenix Resources
Phoenix, OR Business Fights for Right to Open

Provided by: Steven Schulman

In January 2013 the ownership of The Greenery approached the City of Phoenix and inquired about
being able to get a business license to operate a Medical Marijuana Resource Center and they were
given an OK. The Greenery proceeded to purchase a building that had been on the market for a
lengthy period of time for $300k.

At this point the city changed course, said no you can't open, and changed their business license
law to include the words "federal laws" into the list of reasons for denying a business license. This
war of words has been going on ever since.

At every council meeting held where there is a hint of a discussion on dispensaries or growing
medical marijuana, The Greenery and their allies have packed the gallery while the so called "anti-
dispensary" folks never seem to show up. The dispensary question has been on all three local TV
channels, in two different editorials in the Mail Tribune plus nearly a dozens articles.

The city is now debating a moratorium on dispensaries . If passed, we will file for a referendum that
will stop the moratorium resolution in its tracks. The city is also planning a town hall meeting and in
addition wants to put a non- binding "unbiased" question on the May ballot.

Right now things are at a standstill. However, the attorneys are lining up to take on the mayors
challenge of "if you want, go ahead and sue us."
City of Phoenix
Phoenix Documents