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Charter Volunteers Needed
After years of cities being bound by a
charter created to keep citizens from the
process, a new draft charter is being
designed to provide accountability and
return responsibility back to the elected.
League of Oregon Citizens
Citizen Based Media and Accountability

This mission is to have a collaborative resource for citizen
advocates, whether by need or desire, to get information from and
to each other to promote sunlight into local government business.

Want an easy way to be part of
the change?

We are looking for folks who are willing
to send documents for uploading.
The Citizen's Agenda

Cities and Counties call us the naysayers.
What are citizens really interested in
getting from the process?
New city charter initiative filed in Lafayette

Angela Flood, Lafayette citizen and founder of League of Oregon Citizens, has
filed a new city charter initiative.

The ballot title has been published and we are waiting for approval of the
signature sheets.

Once the signatures are gathered and confirmed, Lafayette, Oregon residents
will make a decision if they want to continue to allow the corruption to continue,
or they want to hold their local government accountable.

If passed, it is believed this will be the first city charter in the state of Oregon
that has a prosecution clause. This initiative calls out charter violations as a
Class A Misdemeanor.

Citizens here have endured so much injustice, with no authority over the
actions of the council and city administrator. This charter will change that.

Other highlights include letting citizens speak at meetings, removing specific
job descriptions and letting the council fill positions as we may need, and
stopping the endless council seat vacancy allowance.

If you are interested in signing the petition, or volunteering to get signatures,
contact Angela Flood at You don't have to be a
resident in Lafayette, but you must be a registered voter.

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